French Riviera

Interior architecture and decoration for a villa in South of France

The house is a 30’s jewel, ideally located on top of a hill, overhanging Nice with views up to the sea. But despite all these qualities, it was definitively turned towards the inside with very few openings on the outdoor terraces and the south of France light.

So the first major improvement was to open a large glass partition into the living room, inviting the sea-view inside the house.

The rest of the renovation followed the same pattern, large glass opening in between the kitchen and the main living room, mirror cladding on walls to extend the space and invite the reflection of the view everywhere.

For the decoration, I followed the architecture rules, cast iron and glass doors (inspired by the entrance door), stained oak to match with the existing wood floor and a bit of Marquina black marble to add drama on furniture and bathrooms.

Aude Gros-Rosanvallon
Holocène - Holocene design

Made by: Ambiente SARL
Credit Photo: Pierre Turtaut

Aude Gros-Rosanvallon - Holocène - Holocene design