La Voglia

Interior architecture and decoration for a restaurant in Nice

Back in 2004, the interior design of La Voglia was really trendy : a transparent industrial mezzanine, glass staircase, brushed stainless steel … A lot of restaurant were made out of the same scheme at that time.

15 years later, the place was still very functional, but the decoration had aged a bit. I was looking at it emotionally, trying not to damage what was making this place, A place. But there was definitively something to be done !

We are into the historical heart of Nice. And paying tribute to the restaurant’s name, I wanted something highly desirable. I was craving for a to date decoration, more fashionable, and more fresh.

I started first to select the materials: copper / leather /stone.
For the floor, I chose to imitate travertin, as a blink of an eye to Italy and a reference to the kitchen of the restaurant.
The banquettes are in perforated leather in blush color giving the space a "feeling good" coloration. In the same idea of warm tones, I covered the walls with copper meshes, underneath the large arched ceilings. I also designed indirect lighting behind large mirrors hanged on the walls, to continue this common thread of warm atmosphere, like sun rays at sunset.
Finally, the major challenge was the remodeling of the mezzanine. I chose to paint it in black to give it some energy, to insert a light sheer in between the glass of the balustrade for more elegance, and to cover the undertake with mirror: when you stand underneath, it makes it flying !

Aude Gros-Rosanvallon
Holocène - Holocene design

© Groupe Cannatella / Pierre Turtaut photographe


Aude Gros-Rosanvallon - Holocène - Holocene design