Lighting collection x Delisle

It is under the Californian sun that the idea of collaborating with Delisle was born. Working on a villa project with exceptional volumes, we created exclusive light fixtures just as exceptional, pieces that could fill the space while still giving an ethereal feel. To fabricate them as we had imagined, we absolutely needed to find a manufacturer with exceptional craftsmanship, that would be capable of forging grand and delicate frames. It was clear to us that Delisle was the perfect choice. The Parhelia collection is born form these first pieces. With their almost invisible delicate frames and a variety of materials destined to transmit and filter the light, the pieces in the Parhelia collection recreate the grand halos they are named after, and which geometry can vary with different integrated lighting scenarios.

View the entire collection and technical infos: Delisle
View the presentation film: Parhelia - Holocène x Delisle

Aude Gros-Rosanvallon
Holocène - Holocene design

January 2024

Aude Gros-Rosanvallon - Holocène - Holocene design